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Embark on a romantic journey to the enchanting island of Bali with Trippongo’s specially curated “Honeymoon Bali” package. Bali, known for its serene beaches, lush rice terraces, and vibrant culture, sets the perfect stage for a romantic escape. This itinerary has been meticulously crafted to offer couples a blend of relaxation, cultural exploration, and intimate moments in some of Bali’s most charming destinations: Kuta, Ubud, and Nusadua. From the lively beaches of Kuta to the cultural heart of Ubud, and the tranquil shores of Nusadua, this journey promises to create cherished memories for newlyweds.


Tour Plan

Explore the diverse landscapes and rich cultural tapestry of Bali with Trippongo’s captivating tour plan covering Kuta, Ubud, and Nusadua. This itinerary takes you on a journey through Bali’s most iconic locations, each offering a unique facet of the island’s beauty and charm. From the vibrant beach scene of Kuta to the artistic enclave of Ubud, and the tranquil luxury of Nusadua, this tour plan ensures a well-rounded experience for travelers. Discover Bali’s cultural heritage, indulge in rejuvenating spa treatments, and bask in the natural splendor that defines this tropical paradise. Join us for an unforgettable adventure through the heart of Bali.

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Welcome to Bali!!

Upon your arrival in Bali, our friendly local tour representative will be there to warmly welcome you. They will assist you in your transfer to the hotel. Once you’ve completed the check-in formalities, the day is yours to explore. You can take a leisurely stroll through the local markets or discover the surrounding areas. Later in the evening, savor a delicious dinner at a local restaurant (at your own expense) before returning to your comfortable hotel in Kuta town.

  • Bali Local Markets

Day 02 – Kuta – Fullday Excursion

After a hearty breakfast, get ready for a full-day adventure. Your itinerary includes a captivating Kintamani tour where you’ll witness the stunning beauty of the region. Following this, you’ll proceed for some local sightseeing. The Tanah Lot Sea temple, one of Bali’s most iconic landmarks, will be your first stop. You’ll also visit the serene Bratan Lake and the breathtaking Jatiluwih Rice Terrace, reveling in their natural beauty. As the day comes to a close, return to your hotel for a restful night’s sleep.

  • Kintamani Tour
  • Tanah Lot Sea temple
  • Bratan Lake
  • Jatiluwih Rice Terrace

Day 03 – Ubud – Mount Batur Hike

Head to Ubud after breakfast and settle into your chosen hotel. The highlight of the day is a hike to Mount Batur, where you’ll be treated to enchanting views of the crystal-clear crater lake. The scenic panorama will unfold before you, creating lasting memories. After descending from the hike, visit Celuk village for an opportunity to purchase exquisite silver jewelry and explore Ubud Art Market. Enjoy the evening at your own pace before returning to your hotel for a comfortable overnight stay.

  • Mount Batur Hike
  • Celuk Village
  • Ubud Art Market

Day 04 – Ubud – White Water Rafting Adventure

Today, your Bali sightseeing tour package offers a thrilling adventure. After breakfast, you’ll embark on an exhilarating white water rafting experience on the Ayung River in Ubud. Paddle through challenging rapids, discover hidden waterfalls, and take in the awe-inspiring scenery of the Ayung river valley. Enjoy a delightful lunch featuring Balinese cuisine, with options like Nasi Campur, Betutu, or Nasi Goreng. In the evening, return to your hotel after an eventful day of adventure.

  • Rafting – Ayung River
  • Ayung River Valley

Day 05 – Nusa Dua – Puja Mandala Complex

Following breakfast at your Ubud hotel, check out and make your way to Nusa Dua. Once you arrive, complete the hotel check-in formalities and unwind. Later in the evening, visit the Puja Mandala complex, renowned for its five places of worship representing different religions in Indonesia. After this holistic experience, return to your hotel for a peaceful night’s rest.

  • Puja Mandala Complex

Day 06 – Nusa Dua – Watersports and Uluwatu Temple

Enjoy a hearty breakfast before heading to Tanjung Benoa Beach for an exciting day of aquatic adventures. Engage in thrilling watersports activities such as parasailing and banana boat rides. Take a glass bottom boat ride to observe the vibrant underwater life near Turtle Island. Next, visit the famous Uluwatu Temple dramatically perched on a steep cliff overlooking the sea. Admire the mesmerizing sunset view from this significant Hindu temple. Afterwards, return to your Nusa Dua hotel for a tranquil overnight stay.

  • Tanjung Benoa Beach
  • Turtle Island
  • Uluwatu Temple

Day 07 – Departure

After a fulfilling breakfast at your hotel, it’s time to check out. You’ll be escorted to the airport for your onward journey home, concluding your unforgettable Bali experience. Safe travels!

Why Choose Trippongo

Embarking on a honeymoon is a special and cherished moment for any couple, and the Honeymoon Bali package offers an experience that is nothing short of magical. This meticulously crafted itinerary, spanning the enchanting locales of Kuta, Ubud, and Nusa Dua, is designed with romance and relaxation in mind. Kuta, with its vibrant atmosphere and beautiful beaches, sets the perfect backdrop for those initial days of togetherness.  

Ubud, nestled amidst lush rice terraces and volcanic landscapes, invites couples into a world of serenity and adventure, allowing them to forge unforgettable memories. The hike to Mount Batur and exploration of local markets bring a touch of authenticity to the experience. Finally, Nusa Dua, with its pristine beaches and spiritual landmarks, provides an idyllic setting for moments of intimacy and reflection.


With carefully selected activities like white water rafting and mesmerizing temple visits, every day promises new adventures and opportunities to strengthen the bond between partners. The handpicked accommodations and seamless logistics ensure that the focus remains solely on celebrating love. This Honeymoon Bali package guarantees not only a romantic escape but also a journey of discovery, where couples can forge lifelong memories in one of the most beautiful destinations on Earth.

Tailored for Romance

Trippongo's Honeymoon Bali package to Kuta, Ubud, and Nusa Dua is meticulously designed with couples in mind. Every aspect of the itinerary, from the handpicked destinations to the carefully curated activities, is geared towards creating cherished moments for newlyweds.

Varied Experiences

This package offers a perfect blend of relaxation, adventure, and cultural exploration. From the vibrant beaches of Kuta to the serene landscapes of Ubud and the tranquil shores of Nusa Dua, couples can enjoy a diverse range of experiences that cater to different preferences.

Expertly Crafted Itinerary

Trippongo has taken care of all the details, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free journey for couples. From comfortable accommodations to timely transfers and guided tours, every element of the trip is thoughtfully arranged.

Cultural Immersion

We believe in immersing travelers in the local culture. You'll have opportunities to interact with locals, taste authentic cuisine, and participate in cultural activities, providing a genuine and memorable experience.

Intimate Accommodations

The selected accommodations in Kuta, Ubud, and Nusa Dua provide a private and romantic atmosphere for couples to unwind and create lasting memories. These carefully chosen stays add an extra layer of comfort and luxury to the trip.

Adventure and Romance Combined

With activities like white water rafting, beach adventures, and temple visits, couples can share exhilarating experiences that will strengthen their bond and create stories they'll cherish forever.

Local Insight and Cultural Immersion

Trippongo's Honeymoon Bali package goes beyond the typical tourist experience. Couples will have the chance to explore local markets, visit cultural sites, and even try their hand at traditional activities, offering a deeper understanding of Bali's rich heritage.

Unforgettable Memories

From watching the sunrise over Mount Batur to enjoying a beachside sunset at Nusa Dua, every day of this trip is filled with moments that couples will carry with them for a lifetime.

Expert Guidance

Trippongo's experienced tour representatives and guides are there to ensure that couples have a stress-free and memorable honeymoon. Their local knowledge and attention to detail make the trip truly special.

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