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Embark on an enchanting journey through the lush landscapes and serene backwaters of Kerala with Trippongo’s Mesmerising Kerala tour. This carefully crafted itinerary takes you through some of the most picturesque destinations in the ‘God’s Own Country’. From the misty hills of Munnar to the wildlife-rich forests of Thekkady, the tranquil backwaters of Alleppey, and the golden sands of Kovalam, this tour promises an unforgettable experience. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture, indulge in authentic Kerala cuisine, and bask in the natural beauty that surrounds you. With comfortable accommodations, expert guides, and seamless transfers, Trippongo ensures that every moment of your Kerala adventure is nothing short of magical.

Tour Plan

Experience the diverse and captivating facets of Kerala with Trippongo’s meticulously designed Mesmerising Kerala tour plan. This journey will take you through four distinct destinations: Munnar, Thekkady, Alleppey, and Kovalam, each offering its unique charm. In Munnar, you’ll be captivated by the mist-covered hills and sprawling tea plantations. Thekkady invites you to explore its wildlife sanctuaries and immerse in nature’s bounty. Alleppey, with its serene backwaters, promises tranquility and a peek into Kerala’s rustic life. Finally, Kovalam, with its golden beaches and vibrant local culture, is the perfect finale to this adventure. With comfortable accommodations, expert guides, and seamless transitions between destinations, Trippongo ensures an immersive and unforgettable experience in Kerala.

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Welcome to Kerala!!

Upon your arrival at Cochin, our representatives will warmly welcome you. From here, you’ll embark on a picturesque journey to Munnar, the green paradise of Kerala. During your drive (130 km), you’ll be captivated by the unending stretches of tea plantations, estates, and the rich greenery of the Western Ghats. Along the way, you’ll encounter two serene waterfalls, Cheeyappara and Valara. Upon reaching Munnar, check in to your resort and enjoy a relaxing evening. Optionally, you can explore the charming Munnar town.

Day 2: Munnar Exploration

After a hearty breakfast, set out to explore the beauty of Munnar. Your day’s itinerary includes visits to several notable attractions. You’ll begin with a visit to Mattupetty Dam, a beautiful spot in Munnar. Next, enjoy some leisure time by Kundala Lake, a natural lake that offers boating opportunities and provides breathtaking views of the Western Ghats and the surrounding forests. Continue your exploration with visits to Eco Point and the local tea plantations. In the evening, venture to Eravikulam National Park, home to the endangered Nilgiri Tahr. After a day of exploration, return to your hotel.

  • Mattupetty Dam
  • Kundala Lake
  • Eco Point
  • Eravikulam National Park

Day 3: Journey to Thekkady

Enjoy a delicious breakfast before setting off towards Thekkady, known as the wildlife destination of Kerala. The journey to Thekkady takes you through the picturesque hills and valleys of the Western Ghats. Upon arrival, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a boat ride on Periyar Lake, which meanders through the Periyar reserve. This is a great chance to witness wildlife such as elephants, bison, sambar, and deer in their natural habitat. Return to your hotel for an overnight stay.

  • Periyar Wildlife Reserve
  • Periyar Lake

Day 4: Explore the Backwaters in Alleppey

After breakfast, check out from your hotel and make your way to Alleppey, the backwater destination. Around noon, you’ll board a traditional houseboat and begin your journey through the serene backwaters of Kerala. The houseboat experience allows you to immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of the region while enjoying delicious Kerala cuisine. Spend a memorable night on the houseboat.

  • Alleppey Backwaters

Day 5: Relax on Kovalam Beach

After breakfast on the houseboat, drive to Kovalam, one of Kerala’s favorite beach destinations known for its shallow waters, making it perfect for swimming and water sports. After having lunch, spend time on the golden shores of Kovalam, sitting by the Arabian Sea and soaking in the sun. Return to your beach resort for the night.

  • Kovalam Beach
  • Beach Resort

Day 6: Kovalam Sightseeing

Following breakfast, explore the famous attractions of Old Travancore. Your tour includes visits to the Napier Museum, Sri Chithira Art Gallery, Zoo, and the Padmanabha Swami Temple, all significant historical and cultural sites. After the tour, return to your beach resort for an overnight stay.

  • Napier Museum
  • Sri Chithira Art Gallery
  • Zoological Park
  • Padmanabha Swami Temple

Day 7: Departure

Your Kerala journey comes to an end. After breakfast, you will be transferred to the airport or your onward destination with cherished memories of your Kerala adventure.

Why Choose Trippongo

The “Mesmerising Kerala” tour offers a unique and unforgettable experience of God’s Own Country. This carefully curated itinerary takes you through the most enchanting destinations in Kerala, each with its own distinct charm. Munnar, with its sprawling tea estates and serene landscapes, immerses you in the tranquil beauty of nature.  
Thekkady, known as the wildlife destination of Kerala, provides an exhilarating encounter with the region’s rich biodiversity. Alleppey, the backwater haven, offers a soothing houseboat ride through the calm and picturesque waterways. Finally, Kovalam, with its golden beaches and clear waters, provides a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure.   With comfortable accommodations, expertly planned activities, and experienced guides, this tour ensures that every moment in Kerala is filled with awe and wonder. Whether you’re a nature lover, wildlife enthusiast, or beach bum, the “Mesmerising Kerala” tour promises an immersive experience that will leave you with cherished memories for years to come.

Enchanting Diversity

Trippongo's "Mesmerising Kerala" tour takes you on a journey through the diverse landscapes of Kerala, from the lush tea plantations of Munnar to the tranquil backwaters of Alleppey, ensuring you experience the full spectrum of Kerala's natural beauty.

Customized Experiences

Our tour is designed to cater to various preferences, offering activities like wildlife safaris in Thekkady, houseboat cruises in Alleppey, and beachside relaxation in Kovalam, ensuring there's something for everyone.

Expert Guides

With knowledgeable local guides, you'll gain insights into Kerala's rich culture, history, and biodiversity. They'll lead you to hidden gems and provide you with a deeper understanding of the places you visit.

Comfortable Accommodations

We prioritize your comfort, selecting accommodations that offer a blend of luxury and authentic Kerala hospitality, ensuring you have a cozy retreat to return to after a day of exploration.

Seamless Transitions

Our tour ensures smooth transitions between destinations, with efficient transfers and transportation, allowing you to focus on enjoying your trip rather than worrying about logistics.

Culinary Delights

Experience the diverse flavors of Kerala with carefully curated meals that showcase the best of local cuisine. From traditional Kerala dishes to international fare, our culinary experiences are a treat for your taste buds.

Safety and Security

Your safety is our top priority. We adhere to the highest safety standards, ensuring you have a worry-free and enjoyable journey throughout your time in Kerala.

Unforgettable Memories

The "Mesmerising Kerala" tour promises not just a vacation, but a collection of unforgettable moments that will stay with you long after you've left the beautiful landscapes of Kerala behind.

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