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Embark on a journey to witness one of nature’s most enchanting phenomena, the Northern Lights, with Trippongo’s meticulously curated expedition. This extraordinary adventure takes you to the heart of Finland, where the ethereal dance of the Aurora Borealis illuminates the Arctic night sky. From the vibrant streets of Helsinki to the Arctic wilderness of Rovaniemi and the magical Santa Claus Village, every moment of this expedition is designed to immerse you in the unique culture, pristine landscapes, and of course, the mesmerizing display of the Northern Lights. Join us for an unforgettable odyssey through Finland’s northern wonders, where each day promises a new discovery and a chance to witness the mystical dance of the Aurora.


Tour Plan

Prepare to be captivated by the celestial wonders of the Arctic Circle on Trippongo’s Northern Lights Tour. Over the course of this carefully crafted itinerary, you’ll journey through the enchanting cities and wilderness of Finland, experiencing the unique blend of urban sophistication and natural splendor. From exploring the cultural gems of Helsinki to encountering the enchanting Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, every stop is a tapestry of experiences. The highlight, of course, is the opportunity to witness the Northern Lights in their full glory. With excursions to prime viewing spots in Ivalo and the serene expanse of Lake Inari, you’ll have the best chances to witness this awe-inspiring natural phenomenon. This journey is not just a tour, but an immersion into the magic and mystery of the Arctic, leaving you with memories that will last a lifetime.

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Day 1: Arrival in Helsinki

After a comfortable flight, you’ll touch down at the International Airport in Helsinki, Finland’s capital. Our guide will warmly welcome you and accompany you to your hotel. The rest of the day is at your leisure to either explore the vibrant city of Helsinki or unwind at your hotel.

  • Explore Helsinki

Day 2: Flight to Rovaniemi

Enjoy a hearty breakfast before checking out from your hotel and heading to the airport for your flight to Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland. This city, known as the home of Santa Claus, boasts stunning forests, frozen lakes, and charming colorful houses. Upon arrival, our guide will be waiting to greet you and transfer you to your centrally located hotel. Take some time to rest before venturing out for a leisurely stroll through the enchanting city. In the evening, indulge in a delicious Finnish dinner and choose to either take a peaceful lakeside walk or spend a restful night at the hotel.

  • Explore Rovaniemi

Day 3: Husky Safari & Arctic Snow Hotel

After a delectable breakfast, you’ll head to the Lapland Safari office for an exhilarating husky ride. At the safari office, you’ll be provided with warm overalls and sturdy boots before heading to the husky farm. Here, experienced guides will acquaint you with the experience, after which you’ll embark on a delightful journey through the Arctic forest alongside these wonderful huskies. After the ride, return to the city, enjoy a meal, and then explore the remarkable Arctic Snow Hotel. This unique ice structure boasts ice bedrooms, a chapel, a restaurant, and a bar. Conclude the day with a delightful dinner back in the city.

  • Lapland Safari
  • Arctic Forest
  • Arctic Snow Hotel

Day 4: Santa Claus Village

Start your day with a sumptuous breakfast before heading to the renowned Santa Claus Village. Wander through the bustling market area and then visit Santa’s residence. Enjoy a magical ride on a reindeer sleigh through a snow-covered forest, accompanied by the enchanting melodies of Christmas hymns. After thoroughly exploring the village, depart before sunset and spend your final night in Rovaniemi.

  • Santa Claus Village

Day 5: Igloo Retreat in Saariselka

Post breakfast, check out from your hotel and journey to Saariselka for a night in a captivating glass igloo. En route, revel in the scenic beauty of the Arctic wilderness, with snow-draped pine trees and picturesque cottages. Upon arrival at the resort, your guide will escort you to your glass igloo, complete with cozy amenities and a breathtaking view of the snow-covered landscape. Spend the day exploring the village, playing in the snow, and savoring a delectable dinner at the resort’s restaurant. Rest in the comfort of your igloo as you prepare for your journey to Ivalo.

  • Saariselka – Glass Igloo

Day 6: Ivalo Exploration

Awake in the heart of the Arctic wilderness, where you spent the night in a transparent igloo. After checking out, embark on a short drive to Ivalo, a journey of approximately 45 minutes. Upon arrival, check in at your hotel. Take some time to relax and then venture out to explore the charming town, strolling through its quaint streets. Later in the evening, your guide will escort you to the Russian border for a Finland northern lights tour, offering a chance to witness this natural spectacle in all its glory.

  • Ivalo
  • Russian Border
  • 1st View Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis

Day 7: Snowmobile Ride on Lake Inari

On your 7thday in Ivalo, gear up for a private snowmobile tour through the mesmerizing arctic forest. An experienced instructor will provide you with a comprehensive briefing before you set off on an exhilarating ride along the shores of Lake Inari. In the evening, embark on another Finland northern lights tour to experience the enchanting beauty of the aurora borealis in its full splendor.

  • Snowmobile Tour
  • Lake Inari
  • 2nd View Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis

Day 8: Ice Fishing Adventure

Dedicate your day to an exciting ice fishing adventure, coupled with a chance to witness the Northern Lights once more. Start your day by riding a snowmobile from Lake Ivalo to Lake Inari. Upon arrival, your instructor will guide you through the basics of ice fishing and provide the necessary gear. Enjoy the thrill of this unique experience. Later, ride back to your hotel on your snowmobile. In the evening, embark on your final Finland northern lights tour to witness the stunning display of the Northern Lights.

  • Ice Fishing
  • Snowmobile Tour
  • Final View Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis

Why Choose Trippongo

Choosing the Antarctica Expedition with Trippongo is an extraordinary decision for those seeking a truly unique and unforgettable adventure. This meticulously crafted itinerary takes you on a journey through some of the most captivating destinations in the Arctic Circle, each offering its own distinct charm.  

From the vibrant city of Helsinki to the enchanting Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, every stop is filled with wonder. You’ll have the chance to witness the breathtaking Northern Lights in Ivalo, an experience that promises to leave you spellbound. The journey culminates at the picturesque Lake Inari, where you’ll get to indulge in activities like snowmobiling and ice fishing.


With experienced guides and comfortable accommodations, Trippongo ensures that every moment of this expedition is filled with magic and adventure, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Expertly Crafted Itineraries

Trippongo's Northern Lights tours are meticulously designed to offer the best possible experience of this natural wonder. Each itinerary is thoughtfully curated to include prime viewing locations and exciting activities.

Experienced Guides

Our guides are seasoned professionals with in-depth knowledge of the Arctic region. They know the best spots for Northern Lights viewing and are adept at providing insights into the science and folklore surrounding this phenomenon.

Comfortable Accommodations

We understand the importance of a cozy retreat after a day of exploration. Trippongo ensures that travelers have comfortable lodgings, whether it's a charming hotel or a unique igloo stay.

Diverse Activities

In addition to Northern Lights viewing, our tours offer a range of activities from husky safaris to snowmobiling, providing a well-rounded Arctic experience.

Diverse Activities

From zodiac cruises along ice-studded coastlines to thrilling kayak excursions and enlightening shore landings, our itineraries are designed to provide a diverse range of activities that cater to various interests and fitness levels.

Small Group Sizes

We believe in intimate, immersive experiences. With small group sizes, travelers can enjoy a more personalized journey, receiving individual attention from our guides.

Safety is a Priority

Safety is paramount in the Arctic. Our guides are trained in Arctic survival techniques, ensuring that all travelers are in capable hands.

Emphasis on Sustainability

Trippongo is committed to responsible travel. We work closely with local communities and take measures to minimize our environmental impact.

Memorable Experiences

Trippongo aims to create memories that last a lifetime. Whether it's witnessing the ethereal Northern Lights or meeting Santa Claus in his village, our tours promise unforgettable moments.

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